Monday, 6 December 2010

10 days to knit for montreal, i'm fuckedfdjkstheritke

(busy knitting)
....its takes 4250 stitches to knit every single meaford cowl, & i have just 10 days left to knit for montreal, i am 3 meafords down...
 i'm seriously taking a break from the internets, i have to, its my biggest time suckage & its makes me feel crazy anyhow... i have to knit, someone's gotta be it's damn santa season.
wish me luck...

photos of girl attendents at self service station in LA, 1948, allan grant


  1. as one of my favourite Lambchop songs goes... "I Believe In You!" :)

    this is a link to the song in case you're wondering!:

  2. good luckckckck!!

    Have fun in MTL.

  3. here's to all the knitters feeling the grind, keep your head up and we can do this.

  4. Good luck with all of that, you can do it! I just finished my first craft show this weekend and have another one in San Francisco in 2 weeks...I know EXACTLY how you're feeling! AACK!

    Overworked crafty gals need to stick together and keep up the morale! :)

  5. good luck!! i'll be sure to come see the results at puces (unless i myself have died from sewing exhaustion). you can do ittttttttt

  6. I know you can do it, I was on the metro tonight and I saw a girl wearing a drop stitch cowl it made me smile :)

    Hurry back!


    We just got a huge blizzard today! eeek!

  7. hi!
    your blog is awesome! i love it! this is my etsy, i hope you like it!

  8. good luck! i'd love to be able to knit, but i don't have enough patience.

  9. i know you'll get it all done! ps: four more strangers have stopped me on the street asking about the enormous cowl, i think its officially a major hit <3


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