Tuesday, 2 November 2010

aubrey beardsley

if you aren't already  familiar with aubrey beardsly, well you are now...
& i had meant to post these earlier, but its hard finding time besides knitting...

i have always meant to get this as a tattoo,
 but always when i have some money, so...

i also spotted a beardsley poster  in this bedroom scene of annie hall,
of course carol kane   is perfectly suited amongst the poster bed,
the spilling books & the beardsley poster too, serious girl crush.


  1. these illustrations would make some great tattoos!

  2. i love the cat (?), wild animal, resting on her knee. Beautiful images!


  3. Aubrey Beardsley is one of my favorite artists. That picture would make a great tattoo.

  4. Ahhhh~! LOVE! And I'm so pro getting art tattoos. Gooooood call.

  5. carol kane is so amazing. i love her voice. and of course her hair. love aubrey beardsley of course :)

  6. Oh I used to have Beardsly posters up when I was in my late teens, early 20's, along with Klimt :) Makes me feel nostalgic, I love his twisted worlds


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