Friday, 29 October 2010

64 days to go...

day 296 of 365 project
in our friends kensington market tattoo shop,
from this day

day 294
some of the knits ready for robber drop off

day 295
can't wait to show you guys the finished limited  knits!
a new substitute for the mohair york that sold out

day 297
watched countess, i had no idea what i was getting into,
 i hadn't realized this was THAT countess!

day 298
more knitting & watched  howl from the computer too

day 299

day 300
a very good early bday thirft & all under $18!
its really hard shopping in our small city, everything is very picked over,& there is a few folks i know of, who shop at the only value village almost everyday, so unfair. although i'm less picky & will go to a sally ann or church thrift shop. but somehow i managed these. i wasn't sure about the pink floral, but then again anything with a belt or tie & i'm a goner, i'ii wear the other floral as blazer/cardigan probably.

day 301
before school, enid as a gothic vampiress


  1. Enid looks great!! :)
    How did you like Howl?

  2. very cute! its so great when you get items for cheap.

  3. ooh good thrifting finds for sure. the black floral is especially nice! and happy early birthday (i think)?

  4. Enid looks so good, love that the coat matches the ensemble, that always bothered me as a picky litte girl!

  5. You must be knitting 24-7 or knit very fast! what's your favorite place for knitting? i always knit in front of the tv, or else i feel i'm kind of wasting time just sitting there with my hands resting (might be some kind of a syndrom i should have checked out... haha)
    I've been a bit inspired by you and will soon start selling my own knits on etsy. It's kind of scary, but I just knit too much to be able to wear everything myself!

  6. great photos - i am in montreal and i find all the second hand stores really picked over too - everyone is so stylish and there grabbing the goodies first - though i kind of have a love/hate relationship with shopping. Which small town are you in?

  7. You guys are so cute! I like these days posts, I should start something like it. But your so lucky to have your cu-tie Enid!

    Those blouses you found are so nice! I am putting the finishing touches on your belated birthday care package today. I will send it out tomorrow.

    Have a wonderful week doll!



  8. lovely pile of new pieces! so sad we never got to meet up and now i am all the way over here again. ah well.


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