Saturday, 23 October 2010

there is thunder in our hearts

this wonderful screen printed limited edition "there is thunder in our hearts, kate bush" tote is the best early birthday gift ever from anabela.  this will be perefect for all my carry along knitting needs, you can see my alpaca cambridge cowl peeking out even.i'm always blown away by this girls generosity, & i'm always overwhelmed by it, & i never know what to do exactly, just so thankful, she always knows just what i like.
anabela is getting ready for a portland adventure, she'll be a vendor at the little winter handmade market, & i bet you can scoop up your own tote, but i'd be quick about it, i can bet she will sell out very quickly.

we were also in Toronto for abit of the day & all of the ngiht, which included some yarnovermovement knits being dropped off at robber as our first stop.  as well we went to see some montreal gals at amber albrecht show, & so many toronto folks we love showed up too. i pretty much forgot to take pics, but i did get just a few.

we surprised a friend at his shop, & waited around for him to close up so we could also come to amber's show, & also crashed on his couch, man can that boy snore.


  1. Those paintings (drawings?) are incredible! I love how these totes have turned out, hopefully I can get my hands on one, too!

  2. I'm floored by that tote. Kate Bush has only come into my life in the last couple of years, but man! I would love to have one of those.

    By the way, your new glasses look really rad.

  3. Brilliant lyric pick, I have been a huge fan since my teens and have been revisiting her a bit lately and even her earliest lyrics, that she wrote when she was like 18 is so beautiful and poignant

  4. ahh the dress looks swell on you! also, that's one of my favourite kate bush lyrics ever and now i am desperately pining for that tote.

  5. such a great tote! Looks so great.

  6. You two are so adorable :) Hurry and get to Montreal already, Stéphane told me about this car wash place that Jason could send his cv to. I will email you with the details on facebook.

  7. oh no, now i'm panicky wondering if i can get that tote. anabela's coming to the wrong coast in the u.s.!

  8. kate bush is heaven! in all of her awkward, camel-toe-onsie, frizzy-permed glory!! what a fantastic lady.

    i love that picture you took of jason, it's totally the look i get from my beau if i take his picture too much. teehee. but seriously you guys are just the most darling couple.

    PPS i really like the kelly green jacket, what a wicked colour!


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