Thursday, 21 October 2010

72 days to go...

day 289 of 365 project
new glasses for knitting & reading mostly & movie watching too,
hopefully headaches will be  a thing of the past too

day 288
jason splurged on a mini diana that he keeps threating to throw across the room, the film has been repeatedly slipping or ripping, it just will not stay put, it won't catch, ect, errrr, 
he was looking forward to what he could make of photos from the camera, i was excited too...
any feedback or helpful tips needed?!

day 293
enid had a sick day

day 292
mable & a dustbin

day 290
new glasses mean everyone wants to try them on,
they are becoming so annoying to me, with the nose pads & all

day 291 
mable & dylan thomas


  1. I love you glasses. I just got new ones too. Mine are also ray-bans. I know how you fell about the nose pads my old glasses had those and they drove me crazy.

  2. my diana mini did the same thing to me too, then decided to crap out whenever i want to rewind my film. the button just won't press so i have to sit in a dark bathroom and hand-roll the whole damn thing. (the pictures are worth it though). i remember looking up video tutorials online when i was first having trouble loading my film- i don't remember which ones i saw, but they really helped. maybe a quick google search? good luck!

  3. mable is the prettiest cat ever.

  4. Love the new glasses! I'm so jealous of girls like you who can look so chic wearing "nerd" glasses. (I'm still recovering from pubescent Sally Jesse Raphael references, hence, I continually wear contact lenses).

  5. you are so cute! love your kitty in that last picture. Also, those glasses look great on you...

    found your blog so I added it to my link roll! =) I'm a fan.

    didja get the skirt yet?!

  6. i am obsessed with your new glasses, they are so perfect for you!


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