Sunday, 17 October 2010

love this babe, part 1, the carlington

hannah is so intoxicating, & i couldn't believe when she agreed to guest model for yarnovermovememt, of course she is a wonderful pal, sometimes i just get so crushed about what a babe she is, especially smart & talented babes kill me..
hannah in her carlington chunky & extra long scarf, of creme blended lamb's wool ,available as a custom knit in the shop now! if you love hannah's style, check out her vintage etsy shop my loved one of carefully chosen treasures.
photos c/o of landon metz


  1. she's ravishing and the scarf is beautiful!

  2. that scarf looks so cozy!
    i want one!

  3. She is so beautiful in your knit.

  4. Oh wow, these could not be more perfect. The creams and whites and red hair make me melt!

  5. god she is gorgeous, and the scarf looks amazing.


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