Sunday, 17 October 2010

girls in my knits: rebecca, anabela & isabelle

rebecca who blogs theclotheshorse, back from her envious paris trip, in her own carlington scarf in my favorite new colour for yarnovermovement in  stonewash light denim blue.
 i've updated the shop, to include as well as ready made + ready to ship, some hand knit items which are custom & knit at time of order, so may take a week to ship (or longer depending on volume of sales, i must say they pile up quickly) , but everything can be ordered now! don't forget to take a peek at past sales too, & ask about custom orders of those too. 

anabela who blogs fieldguided, is back in toronto, from her trip to spain!
in her own  cambridge cowl in discontinued taupe, with the perfect most enviable fall hat i've set my eyes on.

isabella who writes ye ye!style blog, on the day we met during my trip to montreal
in her own discontinued cabled beret in eggplant. (which MAY make a limited run in the shop)


  1. yaaay I love it! Your knits are taking over the internet! Makes me so happy to see! (I've been wearing my carlington scarf around the house lately, so soft and amazing.)

  2. Aw, I love the eggplant beret! And the new color, so vibrant and pretty. And of course Hannah looks impossible, just impossible. Crush is right!


  3. Your knits will soon dominate the world :)

  4. i really wanna be a girl in your knits. cannot believe i'm not yet! in need of some 'new' vintage? we could do a trade! ;) xoxo

  5. ooh love the blue color! for such large knits, do you spin your own yarn for it to be that thick and large needles?

  6. Love your knits! That blue number is a lovely bit of happiness on an Winter day.


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