Tuesday, 5 October 2010

87 days to go...

day 278 of 365 project
we're home after two very, very long bus rides...
i love my memento from montreal,  a doll from pinpals!
we also have amazing art prints, i will take pictures of soon too.
& more montreal & all the puces pop in its own blog post soon too,

day 277
after day two of montreal puces pop, we're just exhausted, walking back to the hotel.
 love this city, the most gorgeous neighborhoods!

day 276
my two favorite Montreal girls ever!
amazing girls sam + izzy!
we all went out for dinner & to sam's afterwards, w/ many other wonderful montreal people.
everyone was so welcoming & so inspiring, all my anxieties were for nothing.

day 275
after an entire day of being on buses, it was nice to be able to get beer at the corner store
 & unpack in the hotel, i wasn't exactly feeling like a photo here

day 274
jlee sent me the best photo/postcard of her parents bathroom,
that wallpaper!

day 273

sick to my stomach with nerves over teh montreal puces pop, also megabus only allows 1 suitcase & 1 carry-on, i'm so screwed, jason & especially jeff (who bought the most enormous suitcase for all the knits) are helping out...
but my suitcase is so tiny, & what about clothes...boooo

day 272
sometimes i wish i could be more like enid! although she is shy like i was, she is also so brave & fearless & can just go & do her own thing, & seems so oblivious of others, i love that about her. 
she is so unique & seems so true to herself. enid is that child that enjoys the adults company, i always think that says a lot about a person.
btw this is her version of a dress (aka a long shirt) & fancy dress shoes (sparkly runners) for school picture day...why not i think she looks wonderful. 

day 271 (photo c/o anabela )
honored to be among the homes featured on the fieldguided blog & her series entitled: this is where i live


  1. Ive heard wonderful things about Montreal, its next on my list of places to visit

  2. Love the pics, can't wait to see more and hear all about th event! Glad you had a good time, is it good to be back home or are you feeling a little wanderlust..?

  3. oh i miss montreal so much, we are trying to get things in order & hopefully move there this summer actually!

  4. interesting pictures!


  5. Oh, I think that will be such a fun change, T-L, (I'm moving this winter and I couldn't be more excited,) I can't wait to see where it leads you!

  6. I adore your cape. Also, I am a proud owner of your Stratford Cowl (purchased September 09!) and cannot wait to start wearing it around again this fall!

  7. I think I would like to be a little more like Enid too.

  8. oh how i wish to visit Montreal someday!


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