Thursday, 30 September 2010

girls in my knits: clever nettle style + montreal puces pop

anja louise verdugo of clever nettle is a favorite blog of mine, & i'm sure already of yours too, & if not, why not? anyhow before we ventured off to montreal i wanted to post these charming photos she shared on her blog. anja is wearing her own cambridge cowl in denim, & her own cranberry norfolk knit bow.
also, check out her analoge photos, her outfits & style files for her  vintage & art prints shop on etsy.


i'm sick to my stomach with nerves, today just doing all those last minute tagging, packing, stressing before we head to montreal by way of bus for PUCES POP & to see our friends samantha aka pinpals & izzy aka ye!ye!style blog.
please come by our booth if you are there, & grab some free candy & say hi. as for the shop, i've re-opened with a few items, & all will be shipped once we are back in on tuesday, i've left one of the new York mohair cobweb cowls in the shop too, everything else  is going. once i'm back, new knits will be int eh store along with a lot of inventory too, unless we sell out at montreal (oh i just want something to sell, i'm not counting on everything my dreams)


  1. super super cute!!
    oh how i love clever nettle... wish i could buy everything in her shop :)

  2. i predict you will sell out of everything! also, i love your boots in the picture above, you look great!

  3. super lovely things. You have a great blog and your knitwear is amazing!
    Would love it if you could have a look at my blog too!

  4. I wish you so much luck and also hope you have a really great time :)

  5. oh my goodness! just stumbled upon your blog...already obsessed! your family is adorable and your style is marvelous!

  6. I absolutely adore you and your blog!


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