Tuesday, 14 September 2010


such unsettling photos for me & on that level so interesting & very visually  appealing, i couldn't find any info on this particular series  images,  but why am i getting a before her time feeling from these nina leen photographs taken from 1945. remember earlier i posted her slack images, which at the time were considered very rebellious. what do you make of them, are they supposed be a social commentary or not at all? i've kept the original life archive titles captions i found to describe them.

above, young teens participating in formal ceremony

young teen sweeping steps as part of an initiation

young members of the sut det club posing for picture

young teens attending private party after a dance

young teen participating in formal initiation ceremony

young teen participating in formal initiation ceremony

young teen polishing a soldier's shoes as part of initiation


  1. Ohh, it reminds me of the Eastern Star ceremonies that my grandma participates in! (It was a super popular ladies version of the free masons in the 30s-40s my grandma joined as soon as she turned 18 and is now grand matron of a state!)

    These pictures are terrific!

  2. wow, these pictures are so haunting!


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