Tuesday, 14 September 2010

108 days to go...

day 255 of 365 project
had quite a few library dvds to return & things to pick up
i'm mostly a shut in this time of year especially, what with being knitting season 
& all, only library, school, & post break up my day
also, as mentioned, i tend to wear the same things over & over,
these jeans rolled, these etienne aigner vintage loafers,
thisover worn trench & that knitted norfolk bow,
& that plaid shirt i stole from my ol man's closet ages ago

most of the above photos c/o enid

day 257
 screencapped right off the computer screen
made in the usa, godard,
although, honestly i confess i'm not a fan of the noir plotted  films, 
preferring films like breathless, Vivre sa vie, a woman is a woman,  ect
of course everything is always wonderfully stylistic
 day 256
enid went back to school &
is already sick, all those pesky kids & all their pesky germs

 day 255
my moo cards are sooo disappointing, too dark & therefore unusable, sucks
& i needed these for montreal pop  in two weeks...errrr


  1. Ah, I had the same problem when I used my product shots on my Moo cards! Such a bummer. And now I don't know what to do with them...hm.

    I do so love a good worn trench and loafer combo. Right up my alley!

  2. i contacted moo, explained my dilemma, i received a free code & also it turns out if you are using moo through a second photo source like flickr they will turn out darker, instead load pics directly on moos website & in step two use photo entrancement tool for brighter images.

  3. I have been searching everywhere for a great trench like this! Any leads? & I can't believe your daughter took some of those photos, she is already wildly talented.

  4. huge fan and I'd love for you to check out MY blog at www.lakuvent.blogspot.com
    :) <3


  5. wait, I love your moo cards! use them!

  6. your blog makes my heart smile. thank you.

  7. Your "everyday" outfit has a lot of character and style. Esp. the shirt from your "old man's closet."

    Your daughter takes amazing pics, btw!


  8. aw, the cards are so cute. too bad they turned out too dark. :( you look really adorable though. Poor Enid!

  9. quite sorry about the cards! they still look good to me, though. hopefully you'll get it all figured out.
    love that coat!

  10. I hope you get some new cards in time for your show. I love your trench coat.

  11. that's terrible.. i ordered moo cards before and they turned out great, will they fix them?

    ps. wow monntreal pop! so cool :)


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