Wednesday, 1 September 2010

on my bookshelf: corrine day, diary,2000

sad to hear the news of one of my most beloved photographer's corrine day, she died yesterday of brain cancer,  most would recognize her work  with  kate moss & the infamous face magazine cover shoot (july 1990), i'm a fan of that too of course, but mostly i was drawn to her intimate work, that was so no holds barred. i wanted to share images from my own book of hers that i've cherished for almost a decade now,called diary. we were inspired.


  1. That is sad news, and you're right. Her fashion stuff is great, but the ones from your book are really something else; very intimate.

    I remember seeing that picture of you inspired by hers years ago and thinking it was so lovely - though you think it lacks something hers has, I think you certainly captured something :)

  2. Incredible work - a Nan Goldin for our generation.


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