Tuesday, 31 August 2010

old news

old news now to everyone i'm sure, although i've only been in the know of this news that lyell is ending, a few months ago, i've collected some of my favorite images, always lovely vintage-like,delicate designs, that seem appropriate in another time, another cocktail party kinda-time, & the photography always matches up right too. i've never owned a lyell piece, i'd probably just spill a beer on it or something anyhow if i could afford it...


  1. ooh laa laa!
    your blog makes my insides happy!
    the pretty pictures are so grand!
    how splendid indeed! x x

  2. I love Lyell, to me their clothes had a 1920's flair with a modern twist. I live not so far away from their store in Little Italy, it was a gem.

  3. RIP lyell. I just want to insert myself into these settings and more importantly these clothes!


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