Thursday, 23 September 2010

montreal pop puces! & girls in my knits: hannah metz

now its almost here, & i've shut down shop temporarily  for the inventory anticipations of montreal's puces pop!
its my first ever trip to montreal, can you believe that, & i have the usual yarnovermovement suspects aka biggest supporters to help out with booth, my ol man jason & my dear friend jeffrey (we joke we have a peggy & don  relationship, maybe its only funny to us, & also we can't figure out who is who exactly either, & maybe jeff is both, nevermind right). if you're planning to attend please visit our booth, we promise really good candy too! (please forgive my lack of french too)
please go here to be notified as soon as the shop is re-opened, with some brand new knits, & a special guest model hannah metz & photographer husband landon metz. just wanted to share these personal photos of hannah in her own limited  york mohair cobweb lace cowl.


  1. I'm sad the timing of the Puces Pop doesn't coincide with when I'll be in Montreal this week :( Oh well, I'm sure we'll meet some day!


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