Monday, 20 September 2010

102 days to go....

day 261 of 365 project
isn't it obvious what i'm doing in this pic, nah, i have no idea either.
jean jacket weather is here.

day 263
sick with a cold

day 262
when i was teen with a mouth full of silver, 
there was talk the braces might not actually rid me of the gap between my front teeth,
now i wished it hadn't fixed them

day 260

day 259
enid's new pet, if she can keep this  fish  alive, 
santa just might get her that bearded dragon she has wanted forever!


  1. oh i used to have the worst luck with keeping fish alive, I hope your little one has better luck

  2. Enid is such a little beauty! She looks so much like a tiny you it's crazy!

    At one point I had a gap and they stuck braces on me and then the gap closed and now my teeth are crawling all over each other practically trying to jump out of my mouth!

    I'm eternally envious of Landon and his gap!

  3. you have such gorgeous hair! and good luck to enid and her fish! :)


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