Monday, 27 September 2010

girls in my knits

 i can't express my gratitiude enough to all those girl in my knits, its amazing.
 to see someone out wearing a piece i've knit, well honestly there's nothing like it,
 i really feel its so worth all those hand knit stitches & hours & hours bend over my needles...
i'ii never get over it, & i'ii never take it for granted.

above: my friends from the super crawl /art crawl on james north
(on the left) millie, curator/gallery owner of know your ghosts gallery
& (on the right) katie, a regular  yarnovermovement model,
 posing infront of photos of herself by photographer luis mora 
this same night anabela was also wearing her own yarnovermovement, 
but the lovely & talented lady is very camera shy
 (you can see here what we got up to just before)
all this)

i have many wonderful prints from ali scarpula all over my apartment, 
& i was so flattered when she sent me this photo of herself in her own pembroke tank in merino

i can't wait to see my friend izzy in just a few days
when we visit montreal for puces pop!
i had a really hard time choosing just one photo,
the rest are here.


  1. these pieces are so cute, I have got to start knitting!

  2. I know what you mean about seeing other people in garments you've knitted, I love that feeling as well. I'm seriously obsessed with your pembrook tank!I am eagerly awaiting the re-opening of your etsy shop. you've inspired me to start my own too sometime in the future I hope. I love all your work! :)

  3. I really really love the pic of Ali in your tank, the wy she styled it is perfect :)


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