Monday, 27 September 2010

95 days to go...

day 270 of 365 project
during the day of the supercrawl / james north art crawl, (we aka jason, enid & myself)  went to wheatpaste some of jason's illustrations,
this was all so rushed, especially after wheat pasting in an illegal area (although we thought we had the clearance, as one of the participating artists) & to have to re-do it allover,
thanks to dave for letting us at the last minute paste on the side of his shop mixed media on james north.
 i foresee a lot more wheatpast in our future actually, anyone wanna donate some out of doors wall space?
the rest of the night included some drinks, pizza, & out of town good friends too!
(ps. & yah i am cringing at how much my ol' man & i look alike in what we wore, i didn't even realize at the time,but uhhh,)

day 269
1AM hair dye time, photo c/o luke

day 268
our kitty mable & some of the poster size drawings for the wheat pasting during art crawl of jason's illustrations

day 267
new favorite dress hanging in the bathroom, this will make a montreal appearance i am sure of it,
the dress has been shortened, mayeb too short, & maybe a little not so straight, oh well, need to get me some black opaque tights that don't already have a million foot holes,ect, thinking my patterned tights will show my ass & panties too

day 266
new home for a chad merrit print,

day 265
dark photocopy of a old photo that jason took& is making transfers of, theres more to this, but this is it with layers of gel medium, i found this pic on the camera, so he took it, or enid did...
i was under the weather, so its good someone has taken pics

day 264


  1. Oh look at you, denim jacket cuties! I wanted to say that I just love Anabela's pictures of your house.. it looks so great and cosy and inviting and inspiring!

  2. ahhhh little wheatpasting family! so cute!

  3. Is that an illustration of K Douglas?!

  4. thanks hannah & elise!

    who is k douglas?

  5. You two are cute! Also, his art looks so great all big!

  6. Love all these pictures. What a fun family y'all are! Hair dye and wheat paste and kitties and purple lingerie! Love it!

  7. cute photos and that dress is adorable!

  8. Jason's technique of transferring prints looks so cool! So are his illustrations man.

  9. K Douglas = Kevin Douglas. Goomosh. Sailboats are White. It looks just like him, it's a great picture no matter what. In the day 268 picture.


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