Thursday, 9 September 2010

111 days to go...

day 254 of 365 project 
(will this project ever end, so tedious, i am sorry)
just dropped enid off at school,
 & got myself some soon to be expired sugar bombs they call ice coffee,
 knitting up an alpaca cambridge in colour called angora, love that..

day 253
its insane how fast she is growing up, it makes me sad at times, but she is such a character,
 & so brave
 & fierce, nothing like i was at 8, still shy like her folks,but not afraid to be herself either!

day 252
back to school

day 251
saw this dvd on the library shelf, couldn't resist a movie i used to love a decade ago, 
isabelle adjani is breathtaking to look at, 

the real camille claudel,
also breathtaking

day 250
alison scarpula print, still trying to thrift the perfect vintage frame

(edited to add these days i forgot)

day 249

jason prefers this one, i'm not sure the peeking lace bra works?!
i took off the sweater i was previously wearing underneath, it was just too hot inside...

day 248
jason mentioning "i'm surrounded by knitting, everywhere", its true ,
less than a month til puces pop in montreal market & i clear out the shop

day 245
looks so grown! & looks like her dad to me, & i see some of her brother too.

day 246

a new computer chair (saved form the garbage & new super chunky scarf too!)

crazy for this super chunky & super soft ribbed scarf, long too, for wrapping again & again & again, i love this colour & knew it would be the perfect replacement colour for the discontinued  taupe, but what to name its colour , is it heather blue, sky?


  1. Love Camille Claudel movie with Isabelle Adjani. What a tragic life!

  2. i really really really (really) like the top you are wearing in that first photo! I find your blog totally inspirational on so many levels, thanks heaps:)

  3. thanks for posting a link to Alison Scarpula's etsy, I've been dying to get one of her prints for a while now! Also love that top you are wearing in the first pic! xo


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