Wednesday, 25 August 2010

101 days to go...

i have to admit lately it has been hard to think about this 365 project, i have photos to still take off the camera even, so here's some i should have posted awhile ago, as well i'm sorry i ever started this sometimes, mostly out of sheer embarrassment of it, just the whole vanity trap of it all...
day 228 of 365 project
the day jeffrey got real sweaty for yarnovermovement under the august sun!

day 227
hasn't been this nice outside for ages

day 229
this rabbit or hare? had a wonderfully fluffy white tail

day 230

day 231
hanging out in enid's room, playing mario

day 234
jason is trying to achieve drawings that look like photocopies

day 232
knitting up spiderswebs aka mohair blended shawl wraps,
i've been storing these deadstock balls of mohair, for just the right thing

day 233
watching 12 angry men for the first time w/ luke, something he had on his laptop already


  1. it looks like a hare, what a hare would look like in my mind anyway. ha!

  2. that little deer lamp is precious!

  3. You have inspired me to do a 365 project with photos. I have been wanting to do one, but I didn't think I could and then I started doing this August Break thing with other bloggers and I am finding that I can, indeed, do it. So thanks. I'm going to start mine Sept. 1.

  4. Hey Tara-Lynn, I know I am a bit late but I wanted to say I really love your 365 project! It seems so humble, somehow, just seeing pictures of your day-to-day and not all the staged, overprocessed stuff which seems to take over photostreams everywhere. I feel the same way about having a blog sometimes actually, I mean what am I even DOING? Vanity central. But in the end I just do it because it's fun. Anyway. Hope my rambling didn't get in the way of the point.. I just really like your 365 pictures!


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