Sunday, 11 July 2010

post art show

it's post-art show now & i wanted to share with you some of  the pics i took of jason lee rhyno's (my ol' man) art show, that happened during the james north art crawl, at the know your ghosts studio. as well i'd like to mention that the collage wall, that consists of two full walls of all original sketches, mixed media, collages  & illustrations of a variety of mediums, including, watercolour, ink & pencil crayon on various materials are for sale for $30(plus shipping), any piece, all orginals! also if any of the framed pieces catches your eye, please inquire for availability & prices.
  please contact me for an invoice
all photos of the show documentation & hanging at millie's post here


  1. hi,

    i've been reading your blog for a while now and haven't made any comments before, but i just wanted to say his show looks amazing. wish i could see it in person. i think i would spend hours staring at all of those faces -- really looks like he captures the nuances of each individual, whether they are real or imagined.


  2. *I meant to say more but I'm at work and got a call :) Does he have prints of any of his work, is what I was getting at. Everything is just stunning. I've seen little snippets here and there on your blog, but this is just amazing. I'm glad he had a good show!

  3. He does stunning stuff! I hope he did well at the show. :)


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