Saturday, 10 July 2010

183 days to go ( & 7 days of sleeping under the stars)

day 176 of 365 project
first day (1 of 7 days of sleeping  under the stars) of camping,
still pale & unhardened campers at this point, the bites & burns still to come...

day 177,
morning camp coffee c/o my big brother,
& over the fire grilled cheese 

day 178 of 365
we went hiking around gord harry conservation trails,
& led to some country roads, a beautiful quarry 
& wild raspberries, a shoe tree, horse trails too, as well
a gorgeous cemetery in niagara region 

day 179,
long beach & lake erie waves, 
 laughed & laughed screaming so much, 
& enid collecting seashells & stones for hours

day 180
swimming daily & frequently close to the campsite,
chippewa creek,
also enid documented some tent life

day 181,
couldn't resist 
& went swimming in my clothes in the creek

day 182,
jason canoeing like its nothin' new


  1. Love love the color of your nail polish. What is it?

  2. wow, this looks like such a blast. you guys are like the coolest family everrr!

  3. Ah, so fun! You look so cute whilst camping, I am jealous!

  4. my, you guys have some great hats! i love love love your brown one, is it thrifted or bought?


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