Tuesday, 27 July 2010

just don't take it personally

i recently had the chance to see a old friend, who really inspires me, she is an insanely  talented & creative lady who works so hard, & she said words she lives by are "don't take it personally", sounds simple right, but trust me, oh so hard to do. i've said it before, & her ei am saying it again, a lot of times i will be designing & thinking up new knits & can't wait to have it in the shop, to then second guess myself, & wonder will anyone else get it?! of course, i am also relieved & feel gratified in my own personal decisions of what i knit, when i see similar inspired items making their way onto street style blogs & in new fall magazines, so maybe i'm not as off as i think, & also i just won't take it personally, ect. i wanted to make these collages to almost reassure myself & to showcase my knits in a themed context, hope you like them & also hope it helps you see where i was coming from, & how it can work.

all images sources from mr newton blog, russh magazine & yarnovermovement


  1. Your knits are amazing doll, keep up the awesome work!

    I love your collar and tank, maybe in the near future I can scramble up some dough to get one or two, fashion school is really breaking my bank these days!



  2. I agree with Izzy! Your work is so beautiful and is totally on my To-Buy list for the future!

  3. Your stuff is great and I LOVE the collar!

  4. That is pretty good advice. Your knits look just right with these other pictures. xoxo

  5. Love, love, love the collars! What an excellent alternative to fur collars, which I like the look of but can't quite bring myself to wear.

    Your work is totally spot on. Thanks for the inspiration: "Don't take it personally" is an excellent mantra! :)


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