Saturday, 24 July 2010

165 days to go...

day 200 of 365 project,
i love you toronto & these boys too!
i met both of these wonderful guys twelve years ago when i first moved to toronto,
best dance partners ever (we were regular fixtures at a weekly
 mod/britpop club scene called blow-up in toronto in the late 90s)
& all of my best memories of toronto involve both of them.
although i may have been the oldest of the three, i feel that these boys really took great care of me, 
& helped me through what was a really hard time.
gah... feeling really sentimental about those days
i can't say enough amazing things about toronto, jason & jeffrey!

i hear often that i look tall in pictures, 
well this photo might help clear up that misconception of real life!

nick is an american, & this day was his first in toronto,
& w/ jason a born & breed torotonian

hair & eyelashes!

two out of this world girls, both named erin!

most amazing french restaurant on queen west,
most amazing sandwich (chicken,brie & roasted red pepper on a baguette)
most amazing interiors too

drinks in the park & then my camera batteries ran out 
& all of the other wonderful memories are ours alone...

please don't forget to enter our giveaway, its my first giveaway &
 i won't feel right if i don't get at least 100....


  1. i'm not tall either (5'2), how tall are you? i'll guess 5'4.. i've never been to toronto, i've heard it's pretty rad though. and same here, 165 days left. i can't believe i've lasted this long! ok, enough about me :) you're so cute and i've always loved your style. xo, zara

  2. that restaurant seems really special!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I've never been to Toronto but now it's on my list.

  4. It makes me smile to see you wear that shirt! You style it so well. I need a hat like yours!!!

  5. That sandwich looks so yummy! The paper towel dispenser and mirror photo is lovely. Your outings picutres are always so nice. And Jeffrey is one handsome fellow! You and Jason aren't bad looking either ;)

  6. Where is this place? I live in Toronto and it looks delicious

  7. hi hi, what's the name of that french restaurant? i'd love to visit it and robber too the next time im in toronto, the city looks so much nicer from your view! so nice,



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