Sunday, 27 June 2010

part one: ballet in france, 1949

gasp, right? i know...i've been waiting impatiently to post these vintage gems, from 1949, paris france, photographed by walter sanders, this is just seven of fourteen of this series, i will refrain for now & post the rest at a later time.

(above images, ballerinas, Denise Bourgeios (l) and Claude Bessy
 taking a breather in front of a Degas background.)

claude bessy, stretching before performing, 1949

sisters, tania baydarova (r) & marina baydarova, dancing at opera, 1949

tania baydarova, 1949

serge lifar, rehearsing w/ ballerina lycette darsonval

as i am answering previous posted comments on next posts...
aline aimme: agreed!

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  1. wow!! beautiful pictures!! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hey Tara-Lynn, I have been reading your blog for a while so it was super nice to get a comment from you! I love all your yarn over stuff, I can't knit a stitch so am constantly in awe of all your pretty work. I am actually only just learning to sew so I'm sure there'll be much yelling and cursing to come! I am hoping though to make a couple different versions of the pleated skirt and then some other things too. Ohh and I wanted to say the cream top you're wearing in the bus stop post is pretty well perfection! So nice.

  3. wow! if this doesn't make me want to get off my couch and start taking ballet classes, I don't know what will. just lovely!!

  4. thanks for sharing these photos! they are wonderful :)


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