Tuesday, 29 June 2010

off camping & the shop is still open

someone was actually surprised i was going away camping, seriously i love camping, the fire pits, the swimming, the hiking, the getting away, maybe i'm not as thrilled about sleeping on the ground, black flies, outhouses (eww) & sunburns particularly...be back in 7 days!

 please go ahead & check out the store, its still open, so don't miss out on anything (especially the limited merino dancer summer knits, a new peet moss pembroke tank & muddy puddle bancroft, get them while you still can), i will be shipping promptly as soon as i am back!


  1. I agree with Charlotte-- these photos are adorable. and I absolutely love camping!

  2. I love camping! These pics remind me of our own family camping trips. The Lees have camped from across Ontario to PEI!

  3. aww this photos are so cool! I love camping!

    xxx kissmequick


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