Saturday, 5 June 2010

214 days to go...

day 151 of 365 project
while jason screwed around with lgihting so we can take pics of the vintage, i was unwinding/ ripping apart a sweater, oh summer lace knitting... i dropped a stitch way far back... sometimes i jsut feel like "screw it", & have to start over... 
 i'm workign on designing a summer tank sweater, shouldn't be so hard, but i keep making mistakes & not catching them in time, ect...i spend so may wasted hours, knitting can be so frustrating right? but we love it....sigh 

day 150,
just because i re-watched rosemary's baby again for the billionth time, so shot this from the tv,
i am crazy about the aesthetics of this film

day 149

day 148, seriously, strawberry mini angel food cake,
 a 6 pack lasted a day in our place
& thanks for the blouse rosie, just love it!

day 147, colouring after shower

day 146, "leave me alone", thanks everyone for your encouraging words of advice, truly!

day 145, "please make the nose bigger"

day 144, headache, toothache, (knitting) backache...

day 143, off to the park, of course

day 142, first real picnic of the year,
i'm always the third wheel


  1. I have to say, your outfits are the cutest.

  2. i really love these posts you do. always fun to get a peek into the lives of some of my blogger/etsy friends!


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