Monday, 17 May 2010

what we got up to:behind the scenes of yarnovermovement (part one)

i always love a good photo shoot day with katie for yarnovermovement , because not only does it mean i can finally share knits i've been hard at work knitting & designing, but also the process of the photo, the styling, (katie & i always bring our closets together for this, i love her things), & i can can gush about her from  behind my camera, & this time around we had some new lighting equipment to boot....ok & the other wonderful things include, a place to ourselves, listening to records, ) just the adults, & maybe some gin smoothies, too much pizza, & plenty of breaks....

checking the lighting here, before katie arrives, & i'm wearing the limited baby soft alpaca markham,
i was personally freaking out alittle inside because i am really happy with this alpaca in the colour fawn, it really is just as soft, if not softer than an actual vintage stole that it is inspired after, & honestly nothing pairs better with a cozy jean vest button up right?! sadly for me both are up in the shop, i might have to rethink that vest, i might grab it outta the shop, if it doesn't sell soon, hahah, oh yes i did go red too, not excately sissy spacek colour, but i hope it will fade... its nice to be red again...
(no worries the lamb's wool version of the markham will always be available)

there was also last minute knitting & seaming to be done just before katie came still, because i was really insistent that the grey wolf alpaca cambridge cowl get shot too, i'm so excited that yarnovermovemnt will finally have a more than suitable grey, that is so damn ultra soft, its completely luxury all the way baby.... (its the first for grey in the shop) i've never been happy with any of the lamb's wool grey's i have come across so... (til now)

& then in between shooting, & after pizza, we needed coffee & a trek to the post office,
i was ecstatic about a certain package from maine! (& even the customs fee didn't get me down)

maybe this should be in the girls in my knits posts,
& sorry i'm not crafty enough to know how to photoshop out a cigarette

ummm to be cont'd


  1. Looks like so much fun! I've always loved your photos, they have such a lovely indie-ish fashion magazine feel.

  2. hehe, i love that video of you knitting! you're so into it. (and geez, pretty fast too)

    ohhh man that lambswool looks incredible, such a fantastic muted colour as well. and i really love all the outfits you've all got here - such great layering going on! i'm so gushy about this post.

  3. i agree.. that last photo should so go in your girls in 'yer knits posts :) what color is that one in the last photo? is that the taupe? i really love that color! and love seeing the behind the scenes stuff.. you are such a doll, so stunning. xo, zara

    p.s. i think the cig looks cool.. just sayin.

  4. i love the colour palette of the first pic! and your outdoor pics are fantastic! you are in canada right? anyway, it's great to see how everyday life in other countries looks like. And the video confirms my theory... you knit very fast!!!! :)

  5. Holy cow! Your hair looks great! I love it like that, I love how you're wearing it, and I love it with the knitted ribbon in it! xo

  6. Amazing looks here! Just came across your blog. It is AMAZING! Following!

  7. you all look great

    and I love that white lace top

  8. You know, it's YOUR blog, and if people are offended by the sight of a cigarette then maybe they can restrict their subs to the blogs of non-smokers...


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