Tuesday, 18 May 2010

another what we got up to: behind the scenes of yarnovermovemnt (part two)

so here's part two, of what went on for this handmade photo shoot, its mostly just us having alot of fun while were at it, more outfits, more seaming to get done & me secretly hoping i can exhale soon... meaning more or less that things must catch on in the way i really need them to for the shop to move on...(or else, well no else, it just has to)...

my shy kitty mable made a few appearances during the day... much need coffee too

mauling my ol man

while shooting the orillia shrug for yarnovermovement, i sneakily was shooting this video of katie texting to her much missed boyfriend who has been on tour for 2 weeks, sorry its sideways, the camera was on a tripod...ect, ect...
she had just missed his call from a payphone 

then it was over, & we needed tea
(oh you can see i was working on some mitts too, in kettle dyed merino, thsoe
won't be in the shop for a bit)

i love this photo of katie, another great one for a girls in the knits posts,
as mentioned its her own taupe cambridge cowl

i think we were off to the store for something...i don't really recall now
& it was freezing

then enid came home, (she had been babysat), &
just before bed katie & enid had a dance party


  1. Your red hair looks so beautiful!! I love it.

  2. I'm loving these behind the scenes posts. You work so hard!

  3. i like the new hair colour! very pretty :)

  4. soo much yarn! looks like fun

  5. your hair is red!!! i love it!
    i also love that brown shoes of yours! and the tighs are really lovely!

  6. I love your blog! Such great style and fashion ideas. I am about to start knitting my first ever scarf...very exciting!
    I am now following xo


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