Friday, 14 May 2010

handmade from PEI to Maine to Southern Ontario

i'm so excited the ORILLIA shrugs are back, & just in time for spring & cool summer nights! although here just in time to cuddle into because its freezing again)...  i know i've said it before but i love the process of how this shrug is made, first rachel from Maine, receives her wool from a family run farm in PEI, & then she spins & dyes custom colours skeins for yarnovermovement in her tiny kitchen with tons of positive energy & then ships it to me so i can hand knit it all up here in souther ontario, where it is then shipped to you...

this is the ORILLIA in colours of teal & mahogany (PUDDLE),
 & of course, because each skein is dyed by hand no two skeins are ever the same!

 because i just couldn't limit this to one look,
&  we also loved this with the SWANCLOTHING
thigh high garters from Tara's lovely shop

this is the first ever orillia shrug, 
& i asked rachel to come up with a similar version of this colour skein,
 so although it is still a OOAK piece, the colour is very similar, its so lovely.

it was like christmas here, 
when i received the ontheround custom order for yarnovermovement,
also shown the OLIVE green (far right) & the STORMY plum (far left),
& i'ii be posting more behind the scenes pics from this really fun & creative day


  1. The shrug is gorgeous! !I love slouchy, casual-ness of it.

  2. I am so in love with this shrug.What beautiful yarn!

  3. I love handspun! There's absolutely nothing else like it... Your shrugs are awesome!


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