Friday, 14 May 2010

234 days to go...

day 131 of 365 project,
 today was a really wonderful day, it was a really fun & creative photo shoot for yarnovermovement,
& katie was such a wonderful friend to model (always so supportive of the shop), & after so much hard work behind the scenes... feeling abit of those anxiety blues after all this, please support yarnovermovement, we have alot in store for you, & vintage apparel tonight, along with all the new alpaca & merino lux items! phew

day 130,
enid has a cold, but still making herself laugh with fish lips 

day 129
my computer is now bewitched, i'm so in love with this photostream!
desktop photo c/o ali scarpulla

day 128,
painting in downtown diner of the cities more glorious looking days

day 127, hang to dry, laundry days

day 126, multi-purpsoe use aka purse hook

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  1. love that first picture of you and your beau. you two are just lovely.

    great job on that shrug as well!


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