Saturday, 22 May 2010

alpaca wool is the new faux fur

i can't believe i have never posted these lovely pics of katie in my absolute favorite pieces in the shop, the ultra- soft alpaca markham collar, (this is one of alpaca lux limited version's of the original lamb's wool, i've also re-made a Cambridge in a grey wolf alpaca), i was so heavily inspired by vintage fur stoles, & the alpaca just really makes it so perfect & so close to a faux fur even, especially in the colour fawn.

sometimes i wonder that the things i love won't always be so widely appreciated, & i just cross my fingers that someone else will get it... you know what i mean? i've been taking more risks with fibers in my knitting & with things i really want to be wearing too!


  1. wow, that's so impressive, it really looks amazing! i'm positive it will be a hit, you really nailed the vintage fur collar look :)

  2. I always like the look of fur but can't bear to touch the real stuff (or O.T.T. realistic fakes).

    This collar looks great without the ickiness. :-)

  3. Don't worry about people not "getting it"... I think this collar is one of the best things I've seen in a while! Keep going, making new things from your inspirations. Everything you make is awesome!!!

  4. what type of lipstick is she wearing? It looks so good!


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