Saturday, 22 May 2010

228 days to go...

day 137 of 365 project
 that direct sun can be a real bitch,
 but a great spring day on james north, & we met up with millie too

day 136
period drama on tvo i watch called london hospital

day 135, morning walk along the brow,
 in the pursuit of a good cup of coffee, found at the hospital cafeteria

day 134
not even seamed yet... but you get the idea i hope...
summer deconstructed merino top, with a boat neck, it hangs & drapes the body so nicely... 
(in colour "stormy plum"  & handyed c/o rachel)
will be in the yarnovermovement shop very soon, see merino limited section

day 133,
this purse has seen daily use for quite a while, 
i love it, what can i say best thrift find

day 132,
typical day & items on coffeetable:
diet coke, scrabble, wool, tylenol, bowl of crispers

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