Tuesday, 4 May 2010

243 days to go

day 122 of 365 project
 so yah i kept this particular orillia shrug all for me... i couldn't resist

but they will be coming to YarnOverMovement soon!
this particular colour is teal + dark mahogany 
also notice the pinpals tee!
so i'm very much supporting the good of sustainable handmade....yadda yadda

day 121
more cassavetes, isn't having a library card grand?
always in my top 5 of all movies ever made "woman under the influence"
& damn does gena rowlands ever have the hottest legs right? you can find the whole film on youtube here

day 120
happy birthday to my taurus, (stuck with a scorpio) 

day 119,
 day of errands mostly, met a friend & played scrabble (addicted)

day 118
i admit, it is nice to have jason laid off for this reason,
 the after school walk,
 i used to get real nervous/anxious facing the school ground of parent cliques

day 117
 actually knitting the above shrug, it was an in-between project,
in-between other knitting, below is also an in-between knit,
 ascots are best for park knitting, easy to carry along, if i can't knit an order
i will knit what i can, so i am never not knitting, make sense?!
oh i don't know


  1. I feel like only you could pull off those wide-leg jeans. So good and so reminiscent of my favorite fashion era, the 70s.

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  3. that shrug looks so good on you! And I love the jeans. I hate cliques too.

  4. Those jeans really are fantastic! Also I have to second the grandness of having a library card, I couldn't imagine not having access to all that greatness! Have you seen Gloria? Love Gena Rowlands in that!

  5. That shrug is so pretty. I may just have to get one for myself!

  6. Yup, never not knitting, I totally understand. Always knitting something. I'm a Taurus too... happy birthday to you! :D

  7. thanks so much everyone, & i appreciate the positive comments on the jeans, they get some weird looks, but who cares right?!


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