Thursday, 29 April 2010

merino wool is on its's in the mail

i am officially waiting on two very exciting mail orders for the shop... a completely CUSTOM, limited order of hand dyed & hand spun MERINO wool from a wonderfuly run etsy shop. (& some luscious ALPACA ultra soft wool too, more about that another time...)

 "As for my wool. This particular merino I buy from a small family run mill in Prince Edward Island. I get it in 30 pound batches of white roving. Then I break it up into smaller batches- a pound or less- and dye it all right in my tiny kitchen using local Maine acid dyes. Finally I spin it up with positive energy, wash it, label it & send it out the door! Does that help?" from rachel of OnTheRound

i just love the idea of that...its amazing to me! we've been able to discuss the exact colours too, so its completely going to be limited & custom to YarnOverMovement, & the new eyelet lace ORILLIA shrugs, not to mention all the in the works items, like lacy spring/summer tops & gorgeous. it's gonna be so good, let me tell you, really there is just no other way is there?... ok back to knitting...


  1. Beautiful. I'm really looking forward to seeing what lovely creation will come out of this merino wool!

  2. wow it's great you get to choose your own colours! I'm sure the result is gonna be awesome!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous yarn! This is going to be a masterpiece, I just know it!

  4. oh wow, i love how the colours are really muted. yay for PEI wool! you're so talented, i'm sure you'll do it justice!

  5. I like the sound of this "eyelet lace ORILLIA shrugs". Can't wait!

  6. exactly YAH for PEI wool!
    thanks everyone, i hope this shrug will be as well acclaimed once it hits the shop.


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