Tuesday, 20 April 2010

girls in my knits: zara

lovely zara, her moss stitch meaford against moss...oh how i love those redheads!
as well, i've started a lil' flickr group for yarnovermovement, so everyone can please share their own interpretations of hand made support...ect, thank you!


  1. Exciting, I'll be joining that group. (Sigh) Red heads they seem to have it all with there fair skin, freckled noses, and the fire hair.

  2. Freaking gorgeous! Your knits are so lovely and even lovelier on Zara!

  3. such a beautiful image. and i added a handful to yr group, too <3

  4. awwww, thanks tara-lynn! the scenery was too perfect with all that lush moss, i had to get a photo with it on. loving my cowl so much <3 xo, zara


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