Thursday, 22 April 2010

255 days to go....

day 110 of 365 project

day 109, 
career opputunties was on bravo, best scene capped from tv

day 108
independent record store day

day 107, 3D glasses to watch UP

 day 106
coconut oil for the hair, thanks anabela

day 105
or rather $3 for the books & the planter for a bus ticket trade, no kidding, thanks for that elizabeth, now he is home!, although i already own the lover, i usually lend out books that never come back (sigh), & i couldn't remember on this one, & i couldn't resist it 

thanks anabela for the lula, (don't be surprised if you see something knit in the near future inspired by the raspberry tart cover, so thank you so much, i love this issue, oh shelley duvall too!) & also thanks Rachel for the lovely wool for a lucky person's shrug!

 day 103


  1. haha I saw Frank Whaley once on the street in Manhattan...I got pretty excited.

  2. I saw this picture and couldn't believe I'd come across a fellow Hamilton blogger at random. Hammer unite! (This is where you act like a power ranger)

  3. michelle: exciting!

    alison: how ironic!


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