Wednesday, 7 April 2010

ginger ringlets, all her own! thanks hannah

of course, she didn't have to, but i'm thrilled that hannah with all her all her glorious ginger ringlets took this snap in her own SIMCOE turban headband. i'm really excited about this piece, because its part of the new limited merino wool knits i will be  using, what most knitters consider to be the very  gold standard of  wools. even more luxurious is that on top of this being  finely crimped quality wool , it is also easy to wear right next to the skin. this particular piece is also hand dyed & hand spun, a true indulgent hand made item for someone very lucky out there.

also please favorite  hannah's new shop my loved one is now on etsy, which i just love, because i'm really a poor ebay bidder...


  1. oh wow oh wow oh wow
    how beautiful!

  2. oh you spoil me with kind words and goodies in the mail!


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