Tuesday, 6 April 2010

270 days to go...

day 95 of 365 project, SwanClothing thigh garters!
thanks so much tara!
(now to start skipping rope already, this is a push i needed,
sitting on my ass knitting doesn't make for purty thighs exactly...) 
 day 94

day 93
 day 92

day 91

day 90,
i must have requested all these french related items near the same time,
they arrived at my library for pickup all at once

day 89
enid is  showing  her 25 cent pinwheel ring!

day 88
new to me vintage ballerina prints,
from a wonderful neighbor &mom to enid's freind

day 87

day 86, from the downtown market,
dug into the key lime pound cake,
& already ate half the bag of samosas before we even got home


  1. you have such a lovely family, love the pictures!

  2. This collection has such a calm and serene feeling to it. Gorgeous!

  3. Ah, the vintage prints are darling!

  4. yey they arrived! i like them on the flowered sheets. i wish i saved more of my collection of vintage sheets when i moved. well happy wearings! and xo from me!


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