Friday, 12 March 2010

specialty & limited

today was such a good day, despite the rain, & rain & those dooming rain forecasts for the entire weekend...katie & i always have a blast doing shoots for the shop, (we had jasonlee holding lighs for us) & its just a good excuse to see each other, missing out on the wine this time, too bad...
as you can see from the pics its very diy photoshoot, i do long for proper well every kind of equipment,oh well...
this is jsut the start of my specialty & limited sections, i have so many more tricks up my sleeves...jsut you wait...oh & knitters that skirt will be a pdf pattern soon too...

in shop's SPECIALTY section, the YORK mini skirt,
(boobles & cable details, oh my!
& custom fit, jsut send me those hip & waist measurements)

(psttt. this PERTH ascot in that pretty merino extra-soft wool is for something special too, more about that another time!)

in the shop's SPECIALTY section, the MARKHAM loop collar

end of shoot, heading out in the rain, noticed we are both in sporting
our own YarnOverMovemnt knits. it was a nice moment.


  1. Oh my you guys are professional. I just use natural light and the outside wall.

  2. i can't even say how much i loooove that skirt, and the loop collar is perfection!
    Mamushka Marie

  3. I really like everything, and this skirt is just wonderful!!!!

  4. I feel as though I've commented this before, but I super duper love your wallpaper!

  5. you ladies are gorgeous!


  6. I adore those cute little ascots! And that skirt is beautiful!

  7. how have i never seen your etsy shop or blog before? when i get home tonight, i need to get a better look at your knits! LOVE them!


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