Friday, 12 March 2010

burnt out

just what every knitter needs, a slenderizing chair while you stitch, hmm

ok, so not to bitch, who wants to hear someone else's whines, BUT i just have to say i was really having a bad few weeks there, things in life that we have no control over, those kinda feels-unfair- things & then i was putting all that stress into feeling that i must, must, must re-invent my lil' etsy shop, feeling that irrelevent,unremarkable anxiety that spring brings aka knits just don't sell for say at least three months, oh dear, & with money always being such a problem, oh dear, oh any case i msut have knitted a million hours & also ripped up everything i knit & designed, errr... i think it's safe to say i feel i'm getting outta my rut... during my un-inspired, self-loathing, i did alot of internet time killing & haved saved up quite a few vintage knitting photo gems, so out of that i have these to share & dedicated to everyone feeling loathsome too, it'll pass, or somethin like that...


  1. Oh... I feel much better now!

  2. Oh my, for what it's worth Tara you are so the opposite of unremarkable!
    I'm constantly amazed at your lovely're a total inspiration :)
    I feel pretty lucky to know you, even just this teeny bit!

    (Also, the YORK skirt is so, so tempting...)


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