Tuesday, 23 March 2010

girls in my knits

can't believe it, another post of girls in my knits, i feel completely spoiled, i really appreciate this ladies, its always an anxious sort of feeling to knit something for someone & just send it out there, & i can only hope they will enjoy it too.

 cali girl michelle of vintage shop digsofvaudeville,
wearing her cranberry PERTH ascot

& again, i couldn't resist this lovely pic,
of thsi wonderful lady, 
kennedy wearing her CAMBRIDGE creme cowl

& of course  julie of orchid grey,
in her demin CAMBRIDGE cowl


  1. Thanks so much, sweetie for featuring me. You handcraft beautiful work and you've got me hooked...I'll be a customer for life! Oh, and I've been telling all of my friends about your shop, too. :-)

  2. so pretty! I love the first girl's vest with the ascot. Can't wait for mine, hee hee tee hee :D :D

  3. Grrrr...I want the Cambridge Cowl so bad, but with the temps rising here in Arizona, I wouldn't want it to just sit in my closet and not be used for its intended splendor. *sigh* Must purchase in the Fall...

  4. Aww they all look so lovely! Of course they'd be happy to wear your knits hun, they are so beautiful, how could you not want to wear them?

    I actually just started reading Anne Sexton and cannot get enough of her imagery and boldness. I read the forward which gave a bit of her bio. Her life seems interesting from what I can gather. I'll have to keep that bio in mind!Thanks!

  5. you have some seriously amazing people who wear your work. and i'm not just saying that because i do!


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