Monday, 22 March 2010

284 days to go...

day 81 of 365 project
currently reading, war by marguerite duras
(not for the faint hearted to be sure)

day 80
addicted to dipping (gala) apple slices into caramel dip

day 79
enid superstar
received these amazing sunglasses in a bday part loot bag

day 78
first time this year to wear my spring trench

day 77
knick-knacky flower holder


  1. oh wow! your blog is freakin amazing lovely!
    And i am looking at your etsy store right now! expect a purchase when I can afford it!

  2. I seem to have worn my spring mack all year. Everytime I go to buy a nice thick winter coat the weather teases me and gets a bit warmer!

  3. Love the trench!!
    Yes, good eye, Henry Miller - I updated the sources for my post.

  4. Oooooh no. I used to be obsessed with gala apples and caramel dip.
    Thanks (grudgingly) for the reminder ;)


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