Wednesday, 10 March 2010

czech new wave

loves of a blonde, 1965, milos forman

i reckon we have all felt & acted out just like andula, oh my, this movie was endearing, also really makes the harsh realities of love's disappointments very true to life...

& the clip of the wonderful opening song!
oh yeh yeh yeh


  1. oh, i have to see this! i love that "you are disgusting like a beast". i guess "beast" is my new word?

  2. thanks for sharing! will def put this on my to-watch list. a bit tired of french new wave too so this is quite refreshing.

  3. wow, I'm so intrigued! I just added it to my queue on, so I'll get to watch it soon!

  4. one of my faves! The Fireman's Ball is also good

  5. oh, i saw this too! so quiet & heartbreaking.


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