Tuesday, 9 March 2010

297 days & counting...

day 68 of 365 project
enid took the photo today!
proof today was springlike weather, open coats!!!

day 67
visit this library drop off box often

day 66
can't seem to part with these pretty, yet kinda useless empty candle tins...

day 65
love this dress & the vintage fabric & vintage pattern, all c/o isabelle,
dress is here!

day 64
somehow convinced enid to watch grease with me, she fell asleep, oh but how i love frenchie!

day 63
our cat mable, always, always, always only sleeps on my side & beside my pillow

day 62
well, i couldn't reach the top of the closet, & jason & luke were getting sick of me asking, as well, i would just pull everything & let it fall all over the floor to find what was needed, NOW we have this donated basket to keep everything organized & enid & i can find what we want easily & in reach, of course we are still working on the looking organized bit

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  1. I have some similar tins that I hang on to as well- I use them for gifting handmade chocolates to friends, and as storage tins for sewing and knitting stuff.


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