Tuesday, 2 March 2010

catch up spring

it isn't spring yet, the winter blues are still heavy set in, & i'm longing for spring, even though we just had our biggest snow dump on us sometime in the last two weeks, & snow is still around us, though mostly sloushy, i've started to make the spring transition...i'm refusing the toque & going for the turban headband instead, & i'm wearing my lil' thrifted granny boots with heels & deciding to jsut sink in the snow, no matter (ok i guess its not very spring but...)

& obviously, spring dressing means nothing to enid, forgotten snow pants & mittens at school, well to enid who needs em... don't kids feel the cold or what?

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  1. just a little part of me misses march in st. catharines from seeing your photos. canadian borough still covered in snow. its very nice. where i am all the snow is gone and we've already hit 15 degrees, but no one is in a good mood. its very strange.


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