Sunday, 28 February 2010

306 days & counting

day 59 of 365 project
thanks to alicia for the yarn stash, still wondering what to knit with it,
any suggestions, its merino superfine

day 58

day 57
unfortunately the lighting was very much against us, as was the damn camera of mine...but i kept this because i thought katie looks just like shelley duvall
oh this is the MEAFORD btw (i'd like to replace all the pics with me in them out of the shop, another day i suppose)

day 56,
enid was abit under the weather, snow day/quiet day & so she set up her dollhouse
day 55
yes indeed that is a old time disc man, whateves, it does the job too...
oddly there is so much yellow going on in this photo, enid had earlier sorted pencil crayons, & dropped off the yellow group to the bed to show her dad,everything is random, & by chance

day 54
enid meticulously adding the final touches to the snowcat,
notice evergreen needles for whiskers, lil' acorn eyes

day 53


  1. enid's pics are always so cute!
    love her doll house and she looks adorable making a snow doll.
    i miss one pic of yours...


  2. I don't have any ideas for what you could knit but the colour of that yarn is perfect!

  3. i had no idea zara even made yarn. very nice!


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