Friday, 22 January 2010

luxuries out the window & 343 days to go...

don't be angry, i promise this isn't a post about look what i bought, or at least it shouldn't be, my new motto is "luxuries out the window", its time to buckle down & really just get by,like so many of went thrifitng today with good intentions too, basically i will buy only things i love for the shop (i'm very picky), which is a problem because i then want to keep them for myself, already snagged the cameo earrings, & maybe this faux fur black pill box hat, ooppps...good thing the collars are real fur, so i won't be holding onto those, or else... i've decided to not even try on the sweet mohair sweater with sequin bows, in case it fits perfectly.... i have a problem partign with things & stuff i 22 of 365 project

day 21
my knitting companion, my knitting chair, i really am a crazy old cat lady

day 20
enid & daddy walking home from school


  1. You really do have the best stuff in your shop - it's good to be picky!

    I think you look lovely in that pill box hat but I suppose that doesn't help in letting it go, does it?

  2. I just voted for you. Nice pictures.

  3. You have to keep that hat. It looks fantastic on you! I can't wait to see the mohair sweater with bows...

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  5. great blog! can you tell me what kind of camera you have in the photo? also considering the medford cowl via etsy. it's lovely! thanks.


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