Monday, 23 November 2009

yarnovermovement meet robber!

its just me knitting, & i really just can't take on wholesale orders, as much as i wish i could right now, yet how could i say no to robber on queen street west. honestly, i've been spying this online store blog for awhile now, & am always so envious of the clothes, just drooling over them. i still can't believe that yarnovermovement is now available locally in toronto! thanks erin & also to anabela for making it all work. also there no way i'm passing up the excuse to come into toronto personally for hand knit drop-offs....

althoguh i didn't allow myself to really look, not yet anyhow...of course, saw this in the shop & damn i want it!


  1. amazing! congratulations!!! robber is so lovely.

  2. hey that's wonderful. the world needs more yarnovermovement!


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