Monday, 23 November 2009

did me wonders...

sometimes, its just friends (old & also quite new to me), ballet, & toronto is all i might really need to start feeling ok about , well stuff... & we all got stuff goin on...
oh & here's hoping i did not come off too awkward or obnoxious or flighty, or however else i hope isn't annoying, to the new folks...
jlee: "I'm still laughing about when Enid turned to me and said in a conversational and matter-of-fact tone "So Jen, don't you think the ballet was a bit boring? It was really just a bunch of dancing." ha ha!"


  1. You were perfect, don't you worry! I still feel so bad that you got a headache! I hope it cleared up. xo!

  2. so cute! taking my little girl to the ballet is such a future dream date for me and this post just made me about a million times more anxious to do it

  3. What a fun little adventure! I'm glad that your cape was able to go out & about so soon :) And I love what Enid said, clever observation indeed!

  4. What a pretty little girl you have! She look like so much to her father!
    I love your coat and your red dress, really beautiful!!
    Kisses from Paris!


  5. It is amazing. You are so photogenic. I love your stories. Have a good day!:0)


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