Tuesday, 1 September 2009

farewell beach, nostalgia sets in already...

farewell beach, til next time, i wished we could have had more sunny days together...how i detest the cold & slush, & that awful thing windchill...
i noticed these pics that rebecca took, from our wine country thrifting trip that ended at the beach, (the first beach time of summer)...they seemed perfectly suited to my already nostalgic feelings of summer, & distress over the pending cold.

check out the Cambridge Cowl giveaway that a different rebecca posted at her blog the clothes horse!

& thanks to modish blog for this surprise post!


  1. I haven't been at the beach during all the summer and now that summer's ending I need to go there and stay near the sea, see the dusk there... mmmm... so inspiring!

  2. lovely pictures...like the excitement of summer, just kicking in.
    i'm the exact opposite, i'm nostalgic for the colder months, layers, and hot cocao :)

  3. Great pics!
    It's so hot in Brazil!!! I went to the beach too (there are pics in the blog).
    I will post some girls with glasses on Friday and there will be a picture of you!
    I really love your glasses!



  4. hey! there's fall to enjoy! no need to distress over winter just yet :D I love the beach!

  5. For the first time in almost 6 years I have been to the seaside this summer, and my goodness did I realise that I missed it! Your trip with Rebecca sounds absolutely wonderful. The first photo is just...love. And I think that, even on a cold autumn day when you're sitting on your windowsill watching yellow leaves fly past, you will have those photos to look at and make you feel a bit warmer inside.


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